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Video DVD

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video must be worth 29.97 pictures?  (that is the number of frames per second of video in the USA).

Video footage from St. Vincent is now available on DVD !

I was on St. Vincent and Bequia Island (in the Grenadines) from April 19 - 25, 1993.   The original footage was on 8mm videotape and I have just transferred it to DVD.   While postcards are very nice, nothing beats moving images and sound to capture a place!  

If you have never been to St. Vincent (or even if you have...), then this video is a nice to view the island from your armchair.  Keep in mind though that this is not a professional video.  While the video footage is good, there is fairly little voice-over, except for the tour guide at the botanical gardens.  But I did insert some title captioning at the beginning of certain scenes.  The DVD has full menu structures, allowing you to easily navigate to the desired scenes.   Running time is 82 minutes.

Video footage includes:

  • Landing and take-off at Arnos Vale Airport
  • Kingstown
  • Fort Charlotte
  • Fort Duvernette
  • Drives along the scenic Windward and Leeward Highways
  • Young Island
  • Tour of the Western Hemisphere's oldest botanical gardens
  • Ferry to and from Bequia Island
  • Port Elizabeth (with fort)


Price:  I'm barely covering my costs to produce this at US$ 9.95 + postage.

Gotta have one?   Purchase with your credit card or direct check-debit at PayPal using the appropriate buttons below:

  St. Vincent DVD in NTSC format (USA shipments only)

  St. Vincent DVD in NTSC format (Foreign shipments only )

  St. Vincent DVD in PAL format (Foreign shipments only)




  • NTSC is the TV standard in use in the United States, Canada and certain other countries; PAL is the TV standard in use in most of Europe (England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc).  A relative of mine in Europe was able to play a DVD that I created in PAL format, so I know that it works!
  • I have tested the NTSC-based videos on my own home equipment (Panasonic BluRay/DVD Player) and it works great.  I can not guarantee that it will work on your particular DVD player.
  • I use both DVD-R & DVD+R media.   Some players play both, some do not.   DVD-R media tends to be more universally accepted though.   Please check your player at a website called and see what media are reported to work with your player.
  • The DVD's have menu structures and chapter stops at key scene changes, making it easy to jump to different scenes.
  • Video footage on the DVD was shot with a Sony 8mm CCD-V5 camcorder.   This is basically personal vacation video footage; videography & photography are hobbies of mine.
  • Audio is hi-fi (but not stereo).
  • Length:    1 hr 22 min



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