St. Vincent Postcards

St. Vincent Postcard CD-ROM

All St. Vincent postcards that I have in my collection are now available in an easy-to-use self-running (nothing to install!) "eBook" (electronic book) on CD-ROM that works with Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista or 7, 8 or 10) or certain Apple OS-X operating systems.  

The CD-ROM now contains over 300 St. Vincent postcards, of which over half are "classic" postcards (those issued between 1900 and 1950)!

The postcards are presented in an e-book format known as a "FlipBook".  It looks like a book or photo album on your screen and you simply click on the page to have it turn (along with a realistic page turning sound), and the album can even flip the pages for you automatically or run as a slideshow!   So it basically functions as a "virtual postcard album".



Gotta Have One?

The CD-ROM is available for only US $ 14.95 + shipping.   Simply click on one of the PayPal buttons (either for USA, USA-Texas or Foreign shipments) below.   This will take you to the PayPal website where you can login to complete the transaction or sign-up as a new user and then finish the transaction.    PayPal allows you to pay with most major credit cards, from your current PayPal account balance or transfer from your checking account (if in the USA).

PayPal will then notify me and I will ship the CD immediately upon notification of Credit Card or PayPal balance payment, or upon final funds transfer if using the checking account transfer (generally 3-4 business days).


   St. Vincent Postcard CD-ROM for USA first class mail shipments - $ 14.95 + shipping


   St. Vincent Postcard CD-ROM for USA State of Texas first class mail shipments - $ 14.95 + shipping + sales tax (required if your shipping address is in Texas!)

 St. Vincent Postcard CD-ROM for Foreign airmail shipments - $ 14.95 +shipping




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